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Your generous donations helps the archdiocese in the day to day activities and in supporting the communities in various areas of their spiritual journey.

Giving Options

1. E-transfer funds to the Archdiocese

send the etransfer using finance@keepas.ca as the email needed.

This you can do through your online banking.  Set up an e-transfer with a question and password answer.

Send the password to the Archdiocese of emailing it to:   finance@keepas.ca.

3. Regular Post

send a cheque or money order by regular mail to:

RC Episcopal Corporation of Keewatin

P.O. Box 270

The Pas, MB  R9A 1K4

How to Give

2. Credit Card / Pay Pal

please use the link below to pay using your credit card.

4. Automatic monthly withdrawals

Fill in the form below and you can either make a one-time donation to the Archdiocese or make monthly payments via an automatic withdrawl form.

This form needs to be filled in, signed and dated, and returned to the Archdiocese by:

a)  Fax (204) 623-6121
b)  Email:  finance@keepas.ca
c)  or by regular mail to the address noted here.

Donation Information

I would like to make a donation in the amount of:


I would like this donation to repeat each month

Donor Information

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About Your Donations, Where & How They are used

  • Youth Ministry 
  • Healing Ministry
  • Truth and Reconcilation
  • Parish Support
  • Priest salery
  • Office Adiministration
  • Church and Building renovations

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